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Intravascular ultrasound is due for disruption

While arterial and deep venous disease are on the rise, the intravascular ultrasound market continues to be defined by limited innovation. 

Through an advanced IVUS platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designed to deliver superior image interpretation and improved workflows, Evident Vascular is primed to transform the IVUS landscape—and finally give clinicians the clarity they need to optimize patient care.

“We under-utilize IVUS because the available technologies force a compromise between image quality and fit with our workflow. Patients could benefit if we used IVUS more.”

– Peripheral Interventionalist

A critical tool

IVUS is an essential diagnostic image-guided therapy tool for the treatment of peripheral arterial and venous disease—enabling intraluminal visualization.

Underutilized for intervention

The utilization of IVUS for peripheral vascular interventions (PVI) is growing due to increasingly complex interventions, strengthening clinical data, and cross-specialty consensus—but it remains underutilized due to inadequate image quality and suboptimal usability.1

IVUS technology not optimized for PVI

Legacy IVUS platforms were initially developed for coronary procedures. To date, there has been limited innovation to address the shortcomings in image quality, interpretation, and workflow that would make IVUS ideally suited for peripheral vascular applications, despite the clear clinical benefit. 

A growing need

Research indicates that more than 21 million people in the U.S. had peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in 2020. With the aging population, this number is projected to exceed 24 million by 2030.2

In 2020, over 2 million peripheral vascular interventions were performed. Recent projections estimate that more than 3 million procedures will be performed annually by 2030.3-4

Evident Vascular is poised to tranform IVUS.

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